Frames GeoOrbital allows you to turn your Bicycle Bike Kettle during the 60 seconds

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إطارات GeoOrbital يتيح لك تحويل دراجتك الهوائية لدراجة كهربائية خلال 60 ثانية

In recent years many of personal transportation a significant development depending more on electric power and is Bicycle join them, if you want to convert your bike regular bike Electric you can use frames with georss GeoOrbital that is fitted place the frame front for your traditional in less than 60 seconds to get to study Electric powered.

Work frames georss GeoOrbital with your constant stream works with 500 watt battery for Panasonic 36 volt lithium-ion battery, and the bike path nearly 30 miles/ hour using a single charge, or up to 50 miles/ hour when using the pedals as an assistant with the electricity. Will not achieve that speed for the race of course, but it will save you the ability to move from zero speed to 20 miles per hour in just six seconds – a remarkable achievement for any study.

Installed all energy sources in place inside the front frame of the study. It also helps extra batteries in the increased consumption of energy for a longer time in the case of a discharged electrode will frames GeoOrbital for bicycle frame normal.

The only part of the system GeoOrbital that there is no inside of the front frame is a tool control, which comes in the form of small arm is fastened to the handlebars with a button operation in addition to the small series of lights indicate the power remaining in the battery.

The company also says it managed to solve the problem of flat tires, checking tire pressure constant faced by cyclists often thanks to the manufacture of tyres of the Foam is high density, and company GeoOrbital it would be as normal for the bike, but it is also slip resistant and etc. In addition there is a USB port built-in wheel GeoOrbital allows you to charge your phone during development.

The company launched at the beginning of her campaign on the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter Kickstarter to get support to raise capital and increases their proliferation in the market, has achieved GeoOrbital tremendous success, bringing more than 1.2 million dollars of funding which easily surpassed the goal by a modest $ 75 thousand dollars only .

Frames GeoOrbital available for purchase now, priced at 995 dollars across the website for the brand, which also offers the jacket riding frame mini bike wire replacement, extra batteries and a range of other accessories. Through the large size for reviews Good prevent the use of these tires, rant about that GeoOrbital is one of the campaigns website Kickstarter Kickstarter a few that made product difference the request of the great and continuing to prosper.

It is worth mentioning that the company GeoOrbital which is headquartered in Massachusetts of America was founded by Mike Burton party and two of his friends were of them previously worked in the company spacecraft, SpaceX , Space X and the Ford Motor Foundation, the Peace Corps business, in addition to their support of researchers and scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of technology and Harvard University, to say to the team: “we’re very fortunate to get support and guidance from senior experts in innovation management, supply chain, manufacturing, design, electric vehicles and cycling, and this helped us a lot on the success of our idea and products to users”.

Link to it from the source: frames GeoOrbital allows you to convert your bike bike Electric in 60 seconds.

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