Fractures and problems appeared in the screen of the Samsung phones rollaway after a day of use

كسور ومشاكل ظهرت في شاشات هواتف سامسونج القابل للطي بعد يوم من الاستخدام

Samsung yesterday launched the first official version of her phone rollaway Galaxy Fold through the submission for webmasters, accounts, technical write their reviews about it and talk more after you try to use to impress the public then, and while everyone was impressed with the phones at the time, but it turned into the worst image possible to promote the new phone due to various problems.

He said several people who got their phone which is priced about US $ 2,000 to publish pictures on the internet to watch the screen that occurred after one day of usage only! But apparently, from the conversation of those who know this, the problems began after the removal of the layer-like screen protector on the phone, and apparently that energy and help her to enjoy you.

As a reminder, the phones that have been provided up to now is phones for review, in going to be the phones assigned to users available in the coming days, but also specify the location of The Verge, it is expected that you write Samsung warning users not to disarm the protective layer on the screen when in use, but either way, waiting for an explanation Samsung for this big problem.

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