Foxconn plans to produce phones iPhone the high-end in India and reduce its reliance on Chinese factories

apple iPhone XS Max

Foxconn is one of the largest hardware manufacturers on the planet, they oversaw the manufacture of many devices for many businesses, including the manufacture of several generations of iPhone to Apple. Having said that, it seems that the company Foxconn is looking to bring some of the manufacturing to India. According to a new report released today, it appears that Foxconn company requires to manufacture the iPhone in India because Apple wants to reduce its dependence on the factories located in China.

Expressed by many analysts about their concerns about the potential for prices to rise iPhone keeps record levels in the coming years if the US government imposed tariffs on imported appliances of China due to the trade war between the United States and China. One of the possible ways to avoid raising prices due to tariffs is to transfer the production process to outside of China.

Wall Street Journal reported American that Foxconn company thinking in the production of iPhones in India because of the capacity of Apple’s relentless provide of its dependence on the factories located in China. It was suggested to report in the last month that the company Foxconn will invest US $ 214 million to establish a factory in India.

It adds the newspaper Wall Street Journal U.S. to senior executives in the company Foxconn, and maybe even Chairman Terry Gou is planning to visit India after a few months discuss the plans with local officials. You might think about Foxconn in the production of the high-end models of the iPhone in the country. Produces the company Wistron, which is another partner of the partners of Apple, currently iPhone SE and iPhone 6S in India.

May serve read Foxconn of transfer operations and the production of the iPhone to India is another purpose also. As you probably know, the uniqueness of India’s large taxes on devices imported into the country, thus industry iPhone the high-end in India will allow for Apple to reduce the price of smart phones, there is a harvest more sales and increase competitiveness in the second largest country consumer of smartphones in the world after China.

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