Founder of Tron trolls Vitalik Buterin. What could be the reason?

A long skirmish between acne Butterini and founder of Tron Justin San Twitter has become one of the most exciting shows in cryptosphere. Marketing guru San makes every effort to coin his projects Tron TRX and BitTorrent BTT ultimately bypassed the second most popular in the world of the cryptocurrency Ethereum ETH. During Token 2049 in Hong Kong, San told the Chinese blockchain-media ChainDD that they with acne will appreciate each other and often discuss together with the crypt of the problem.

He further spoke about the case of avocado. On the first day Token 2049 San came to the meetup of Ethereum Vitalik and performance Buterin with a man in a suit of a giant avocado with a picture of the Tron logo. It looked like this.

One day he [Buterin] told how love avocados but not their producers. So I brought to the event a lot of avocados to share with him the fruit.

Man of avocados at the conference 2049 Token. Source: cryptocrimson

This action likely represents dissatisfaction Sana is the founder of Ethereum. Probably because Buterin did not support the acquisition of the BitTorrent company Tron in July of last year. Although in the past he repeatedly praised BitTorrent and encouraged to use peer-to-peer networks.

In a recent interview, San identified two key factors that will help Tron to get to the TOP of cryptocurrencies — international cryptologist and global reach. Regarding development plans BitTorrent San said that users of the torrent client is already in a very short time will have access to the blockchain.

Now because of the lack of motivation users just download the torrent and close the program, while they do not need. We hope to talk about cryptocurrencies to the huge number of new users through the updated structure BitTorrent.

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