Foundation, IDC says that shipments of phones Google Pixel reached 3.9 million units in 2017

Google Pixel 2 XL

During the event, which revealed in which Google Inc. announced its financial results for the year 2017 in the last month, the company revealed Google that shipments of its devices doubled in the year 2017 compared with 2016, but as usual the company didn’t give us any numbers on sales of its smart phones. Thankfully, this did not prevent the corporation IDC is specialized in market research of detection estimates.

According to the analyst and Research Director at IDC Francisco Jeronimo, it was explained that the Google company has managed to shipped 3.9 million units of phones Google Pixel last year. It is also the information revealed by Google, noting that shipments have doubled already.

However, the company Google is still very far from catching up with the more established companies in the smart phone market. Given that the strategy distribution phones Google Pixel blatantly ignore most of the world, we say that Google insists on dealing with things slowly in the hardware market.

In comparison with the shipments of the phone Essential PH-1, It is clear that sales of phones Google Pixel much higher. According to the corporation IDC, has revealed to us that the company Essential that it was founded by Mr. Andy Rubin, which contributed to the establishment of a system of Android device has managed to sell 88 thousand unit just phone Essentials PH-1 in the past year.


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