Found a new explanation liquid ocean under the surface of Pluto

When in 2015 interplanetary station “New horizons” flew over Pluto, the representation of scientists about the dwarf planet has changed dramatically. The most important discovery was that by “heart of ice” is quite a space object may be a liquid ocean. It seemed impossible because the planet is located very far from the Sun, has no molten core and is not near a giant planet, able to warm her up. Now, scientists have a fairly plausible explanation for this phenomenon.

Scientists from Japan and the USA found out that to save the ocean under the surface of Pluto in the liquid state can gas hydrates. This is a special form of water where the ice forms a crystal lattice, which is captured by gases such as methane. Very vaskii hydrates and have low thermal conductivity — that is, perfectly retain heat. Previously it was known that about 6.4 trillion tons of methane hydrates is on the depth of the earth’s oceans, and now, perhaps, they are even on Pluto.

Computer simulations showed that without the presence of gas hydrates water on Pluto would be frozen hundreds of millions of years ago. Researchers believe that they were formed by received from the rocky core of the planet methane — perhaps because of this, Pluto’s atmosphere is so poor in methane and rich in nitrogen.

New discovery proves that liquid oceans may exist beneath the surface of other planets, where the probability of preserving liquid water is almost impossible.

This could mean that the Universe has more oceans than previously thought, which makes the existence of extraterrestrial life more plausible.

Shunichi Kamata, head of Hokkaido University

Pluto has a very difficult fate in 2006, it was deprived of the status of a full planet, and in 2019 is predicted that very soon, its atmosphere may freeze and disappear. More information can be read in our material.

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