Fortnite now can run on any Android smartphone

Fortnite is currently only available to a small group of smartphones, including devices from Samsung. However, the situation changed. XDA user named Quinny899 published installation file Fortnite disabled smartphone. Thus, to play it now can anyone.

The game is set with a modified APK-file will think that your device is nothing more than the Galaxy Note 9. So the game should change the graphics settings in accordance with the capabilities of your iron.

In addition, you will not be able to install the game, if your CPU does not support instruction arm64-v8a, and if your smartphone has less than 3 GB of RAM.

In addition, Epic Games equips each copy of the Fortnite digital signature, so downloading the game this way, you may get a blocked account.

Fortnite uses the protection of the Safety Net and demands that the ADB function is active. Therefore the setup file below will also allow cheaters to circumvent the protection. Below are several versions of the installation files.

The first version (normal)

APK file without checking iron smartphone, GPU, RAM, but is not the game your smartphone as Note 9. This APK file will only work if you have an invite (invitation). The game hangs less.

The second version (NS)

APK file without checking iron smartphone, GPU, RAM, protection Safety Net is disabled. You risk to get banned.

The third version (Note 9)

APK file without checking iron smartphone, GPU, RAM, the game thinks that you are a happy owner of a Galaxy Note 9. Risks: the lag and overheating.


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