Fort Knight has made $ 2.4 million last year

We really live in a strange time! Here you pay a million dollars just to get new clothes for his character in the game! Yes, the game Fort Knight, last year achieved gross proceeds of approximately $ 2.4 million most of which came from the clothes of the characters.

According to company research and analysis SuperData, the game of Fort Knight the game was the most profitable last year, and more than a third of American players they paid for the advantage of gastric bypass.

The Fort Knight has to miss games, other famous on the coast such as Pokemon rules the Kandyan balls and League of Legends more than double what I did PUBG.

The game was Fort Knight within the application of the five most downloaded on the stores of Google and Apple in key markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom and Canada.

It is worth noting that the Fort Knight didn’t move to Android until last April, and then on the platform Switch What paid their proceeds to people more since that time.

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