Former engineer in Apple’s explains to us why the latest updates of the company comes with a lot of mistakes

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Apple was known for her ability to pay attention to the details, but lately are no longer the Apple you do this, all updates that the company has issued in recent years come with a bunch of errors which should not exist in the first place. The Apple has been attributed to a ” bad week“, but it seems that the problem may be much deeper than that.

In a publication on the social network Reddit by user Jarjoura, who claims he was a former Engineer at Apple, it says that these errors have little relationship to the skills of the engineers at Apple, but the culture of work that was have project managers who are focused more also on to meet deadlines, which lead to the launch of the updates that are basically not ready.

And Mr. Jarjoura also about how to measure the project managers to allocate priority to certain things, and it sometimes can change these priorities based on a whim to become the ultimate something that is not very important. On this subject, stated the engineer by saying : ” in the end, loses engineers to the war in the report when features are ready for launch. So, here I see some ” shopping ” in terms of quality and I think that’s why the advent of the iOS system 11 a lot of mistakes. Unless the company is willing to in the regulation deadlines average, I don’t see how it will get better really process engineering “.

And of course it’s hard to say whether this report is true and accurate in the description of what’s going on behind the scenes, but it seems that it is in line with a recent report from the website of Bloomberg to the effect that the President of the software Division at Apple, Mr. Craig Federighi wants to implement a new strategy focused on quality at all. This also confirms an earlier report says that Apple decided to postpone the major features that was supposed to arrive with iOS system 12 until next year, in order to focus on improving the performance, reliability and stability.


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