Former engineer at Nvidia joins Intel

Intel XMM 8160 5G Modem

Confirmed new report from HotHardware that Intel succeeded in kidnapping Tom Peterson one of the engineers ex buy Nvidia, where he works as a manager in marketing, technical, and for to its Facebook page it seems that this news is true already, as confirmed Tom on gratitude big to buy Nvidia after having left it.

And while Tom worked in the marketing department, he joined Intel job Engineering under the leadership of Ari Rauch, note that it worked in the past on the technology Nvidia GSync. So, join Tom to the staff the owners mattresses High who Intel hired them recently and brought them from different companies, such as the head of the graphic cards clock have AMD, and that in order to develop the card by the graphic.

Despite all these efforts, we wonder if Intel is a bit late in this step with the trend of the market seems to be towards streaming services and digital platforms.

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