Former employees of Qiwi launched criptionveterinary Bank

Former employees of the payment system Qiwi, who founded a company called Qiwi Teсhnologies Blockchain, has launched Russia’s first criptionveterinary Bank HASH. This means that the financial institution will attract money into the project not in Fiat currency and digital. This writes “Kommersant”.

How banks work with cryptocurrency

The project works on classical investment banks model: offers assessment, search, market quality projects and attracting large investors.

To make HASH is on the client fee. The company, which with the help of attracted investments will pay the Bank a certain percentage of funds received.

In addition, the Bank will support the company with the release of the ICO. In this case, the HASH assumes the construction of a financial model of primary placement: development of the token, compiling technical documentation and substantiation of its value.

According to representatives of Bank, financial institution plans to reach the international level in partnership with other banks that are also working with digital assets.

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