Former CEO of Sonos praises the quality of the images in the Apple HomePod

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Most reviews on the speakerphone, smart Apple HomePod say that the latter outperform the loudspeakers of the smart competition from both Amazon and Google in terms of sound quality. However, there are still some people undecided on the extent of the sound quality provided by loudspeaker smartphone Apple HomePod, but there seems to be someone who might be able to convince you of the extent of preference for the sound quality in your HomePod.

This person is the former CEO and co-founder of Sonos, Mr. John MacFarlane, who recently listed his impression about Apple HomePod on the network Twitter. According to Mr. John MacFarlane, it is believed that the speaker smart HomePod easily beats the Sonos speaker One in terms of sound quality.

However, it indicates that when you are connecting two speakers Sonos One, you get very good performance. We should point out that the HomePod will get his turn on the feature of coupling with other units of the HomePod in the future to create the effect of stereo, so it will be interesting to see how it will perform this function. It seems that Mr. John MacFarlane also admire the ability of the speaker smart of Apple to recognize the voice command ” Hey Siri“, but criticized also does not support third-party apps, such as Spotify.

While it’s easy to criticize Apple because of the lack of support services third party like Spotify, it’s easy also at the same time to know why Apple do this, especially if we know that Apple is based on what it looks like this state more users to use its products and services. If you are from the people who invested deeply in the products and services of Apple, so this should be a problem, but if you are someone who likes to keep his Options Open, you may need to think carefully about.


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