Formally : shut down the messaging application BBM next month

رسمياً : اغلاق تطبيق المراسلة BBM الشهر القادمofficially : shut down the messaging application BBM next month

Formally : shut down the messaging application BBM next month

Application of instant messaging of BBM, which is the first messaging service designed for users of mobile phones, will miss its doors to consumers on May 31 .

You message has been sent to members and users of the BBM app it’s time to say goodbye.

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

The service was launched for the first time for BlackBerry only on the first of August 2005, and was an important reason for the acquisition of these phones that were having fun in the market alone before the advent of Android and the faith .

Shut down the messaging application BBM

After the clinical phones BlackBerry, try BlackBerry revive the application of the BBM to launch a copy of it to my shop Apple and Google Play in 2013 , however, he couldn’t compete amid the development of huge hit this type of application and the emergence of competitors tell the customers acquired on the market.

The company announced also that it will launch a customized version of his individuals of the app under the name of the BBMe, on my shop Google and Apple, and will be free for a year, then you will be 2.49 $ Semi-Annual if the user wishes to continue with it after these six months .

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