Formally: Sennheiser announces the wireless headphones at the price 370 SAR

The company announced the Sennheiser officially in CES CES 2018 for wireless headsets CX 6.00 BT with several features and the cost of economic. Will be available for purchase through January priced at$ 99 which is equivalent to 371.25 SAR, the company says that the CX 6.00 BT offer pure sound full of details, very light weighing 14 G. As to the fish the two relate to each other via a cable you can put it around your neck. You can pair a wireless headset via the two devices at the same time, as it has a built-in microphone with noise cancellation, feature 3-Way Calling to add a third person for your call, battery hold up for 6 hours and characterized by rapid satiety via USB is able to add two hours battery life in just 10 minutes, while a full battery charge takes an hour and a half, and finally the CX 6.00 BT compatible with system Qualcomm apt-X, which ensures synchronization of sounds and music with the video.

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