Formally : detect phone OnePlus 7 Day 14 May

Formally : detect phone OnePlus 7 Day 14 May

The company decided to OnePlus Chinese Fire Phone, its new flagship OnePlus 7 on 14 May, in the event the technique will be launched in four major cities around the world : the United States and the United Kingdom, India, and China, will also be broadcast live via YouTube.

The phone apparently has confirmed it the company today, will be in more models, including a model pro, would probably connect to the 5G.

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

Adopted the company launched its business for the first time 7 years ago, I thought to provide phones specification of super-and it was one of the first companies that have additional techniques scanner footprint to its phones, and the sizes of RAM and storage space to the top with competitive prices.

The event will be broadcast on 14 May next at 4 pm GMT, 6 pm at the base, 7 m in Riyadh, 8 pm in Abu Dhabi, and we’ll link to the broadcast in a separate topic on Wot should immediately provide it .

All the protection for a product wonderful company that can be deemed to reflect the success story of the real stuff and encouragement, and all the attention too .

From the website of OnePlus official

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