FOREO launches the first smart device for skin care in the Middle East

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FOREO تطلق أول جهاز ذكي للعناية بالبشرة في الشرق الأوسط

Launched FOREO, the Swedish leader in the field of techniques of everyone, the latest version of its innovative skin care devices UFO in the Middle East, where is your FOREO UFO the first device in the world offers multiple treatments using modern techniques smart by only 90 seconds, and this innovation among the treatment techniques LED lights the binary light emitting and cryotherapy and heat, to the side of the treatments that work technology pulsations T-Sonic, it can also be activated using the smartphone via the application of FOREO.

The device features a new UFO using the techniques work to enhance the degree of penetration of the active ingredients of skincare products into the skin, which is heat first to open the pores of the skin, while helping pulsations T-Sonic cells of the skin to absorb the ingredients immediately, while cryotherapy to close pores to keep those ingredients which works to tighten the skin and prevent the appearance of more freshness.

The device includes a range of treatments which depend on The does binary light emitting LED, including red light therapy anti anti aging treatment, and the treatment the green light which gives the skin more radiance and radiance, and blue light therapy to combat acne, it also works this innovation along with two slices of masks skin care with customized treatment system UFO daily, two mask Make My Day and Call It A Night.

These masks are ultra-soft and made of micro fiber to enjoy the skin supple and Young from morning until evening, has been the design of each extract facilities for UFO therapeutic either for use morning or to help relax before going to bed in the evening, featuring masks UFO smart to contain extracts of plants, fruits, oils, concentrated plant sap of the flowers of natural.

The design and programming of a treatment regimen for each individual channel, what would double the results prove effective, and do a UFO and their cross-linking by application of the FOREO on smartphones to get better results and more effective, and programmed my mask Make My Day and Call It a Night in advance in the device, the application of the FOREO coincides with the assortment of masks cutting edge Advanced mask collection launched by the brand recently within the Inno fit kinds of skin and all.

And complies with all the masks therapeutic future, and the availability of the app for all devices running iOS iOS and Android Android, the and your UFO all the advantages and standards of products FOREO, including design silicic unique corresponding medical standards, as well as being waterproof and can charge it using the USB port, and availability of your UFO have exclusive stores and Sephora across the region.

The main advantages of the product UFO:

  • Effective treatment for 90 seconds compared with traditional paper that takes used 20 minutes.
  • Technology delivery hybrid: heating and moisturize the skin and the use of technology pulse the T-sonic.
  • Treatment LED lights binary light emitting: sign LED lights binary light-emitting red, green and blue.
  • Each channel tonic relationship is unique.
  • Application subject for: treatment of Channel smartphone.
  • Rechargeable using USB and waterproof with 100% guarantee for two years.


The gate Arab News Technical FOREO launches the first smart device for skin care in the Middle East

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