Forecast: the iPhone killer will allow you to pair two Bluetooth headsets at one time

According to a new rumor from Mac Otakara the iPhone next will have the feature to play music through two Bluetooth headphones simultaneously, this feature present in the Samsung phones to modern and some other devices, for example, can be one of your friends to listen to the song that you play without having to share headphones with him or use the speakers.

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The nacelle until now not revealed the models that will support this technology, but Apple provide upgrades and updates Bluetooth to the iPhone’s modern, and it is possible to submit them to the organs of the old also.

Until now nothing is sure about the support of this modern technology, but from logical to make the Apple TV this feature because they do not provide a port for headphones in the iPhone currently available, so we must care about the support of wireless audio provides more solutions to listen to music.


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