Forecast semi-confirmed … the phones iPhone 11 Apple come 3 cameras in the back

“Phone iPhone 11 carries 3 cameras”, that is the latest speculation recently disclosed, where it seems that health of the common ones will include competition between the companies Apple and both Samsung and Huawei in the next period.

IPhone 3 camera

There was plenty of talk recently about the specifications available for iPhone expected, which bore the temporary name of the iPhone 11, with one on the lips of the debtor to the Japanese Mac Otakara, the owner credited with a lot of expectations successful on Apple’s various products.

He explained Mac through his blog, referring to his own sources, that Apple will be released during the current year, a range of smart phones supported 3 cameras background, in the upper corner of each phone inside a new box-shape, causing some to link between those specifications and the phone Mate 20 Pro from Huawei, because it is the other 3 lenses, one wide and one telephotographic lens wide angles, in addition to LED flash.

Sure to check that the prophecy will open the way for more competition, between Apple on the one hand, and between the phones Android on the other hand, such as phones Samsung S10 and S10+, the phone Huawei next P30 Pro, which also contain 3 cameras at once, with the knowledge that my phone XS and XS Max, with only 2 camera in the back.

IPhone of 11, without 3 cameras

Stresses the debtor the Mac once as well, to sign his last does not apply to all devices iPhone 11 ahead, where he explained that the system of 3 cameras to the latest from Apple, will it apply only to copy iPhone 11 the author of the storage capacities of the upper, specifically those that up the screen size to 5.8 and 6.5 inches, in a sign that the phones that the area of its 64 GB, you will only support 2 camera, in exchange for the phones at GB, support 3 cameras.

Away from the camera system 3 emergence of it with Apple, because specialists enjoy the latest phones and iPhone, with Charging Duo wireless, pretty close to the property available to the Galaxy S10, which allow the company’s wireless phones to the other, or for different accessories of Samsung, particularly the Galaxy Buds.

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