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Next Monday begins in the year 2019 and ends as well the first fiscal quarter for Apple Q1-2019, but this time, unlike the usual every year where everyone starts thinking about what will be the surprises for companies in the new year, but Apple will begin in 2019 for the first time amid huge risk on their future. Yes, still the iPhone is more a smart phone individually prevalent in the world and still Apple is the most profitable and a market value but declined but remains very high, and competing states which currently contribute the gross national product of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But what about the future? What can you offer to Apple in 2019 to give her a right way? And back popular iPhone again?

توقعات آي-فون إسلام لأبل عام 2019

An important clarification

This article is based on a forecast and not the news confirmed may speak some may not be realized anything and if you disagree you can state your expectations in the comments and you absolute freedom, it’s an opinion piece not a news article.

The iPhone and the way mysterious

All the news reports and analysis says that by 2019 the “past actual” it will be worse on the iPhone since many years and the era of the rise of the sales of the iPhone has ended and Apple itself has acknowledged this within the terms stated officially that from now on the focus will be on the “sales value” and not “number of sales” accordingly, Apple says the increase in the price of the iPhone in hopes of increasing revenue. But there is a glimmer of hope is that the same reports that ticket sales slump placed higher sales of older devices this means that the popularity of the iPhone itself didn’t expire, there are tens and hundreds of millions want to buy it but they are angry of more current (specifications and price), they’re for older versions like 7 and 8 and they think a good price compared to the specifications so epic hope that can come out of the apple of the neck of the bottle via:

IPhone SE 2 : Apple phone cheapest price is 350$ which is submitted specification great at a good price; and many news say that Apple is working on a new generation of which will come the benefits of the specification 7 and 8 with a smaller screen as well as to provide the same button prints the traditional price may be a$ 400 thus provides an ideal option for anyone who wants a cheap device with high specifications and (Price 7 current$ 449 to the price of the current 8 599$) We wish only to increase Apple’s screen size a bit to become a 4.3 inch like though it’s difficult because Apple never made this size often will come up 4 inches only.

IPhone XI: usually version S of iPhone less popular sales 5s was less than 5 sales of 6s and less than 6 no sales, 8 were less than 7 (considered as 8 Copy s from iPhone 7) so back off the sales of the XS compared to X is normal if this is less than usual. And in front of Apple this year is a chance where the phone comes XI a modification of the design the second generation of Fingerprint, Face ID, in addition to other available certainly as Apple when submitting to a different generation. Even the shipping is expected to talk to C and it comes with Quick Charger any there is a chance to prevent rejection of buy XS can’t find on the new that he can find a different device entirely.

In your opinion, did succeed Apple iDevice iPhone XI iPhone SE2 if released to improve sales of your iPhone?

Mac computers and the iPad

For the first time combine the two in one point; the year of 2018 has proven that Apple has the ability to offer new generations a strong of them; while the reports talked about the collapse of sales of the iPhone, no one is talking about is bad on the sales of the iPad Pro 2018 as well as Mac devices newly released. Devices great and undisputed mention it could be the iPad the most powerful processor in the intelligent device in the world and by huge competitors. In the year 2019 and specifically in spring are expected to hold the Apple conference to reveal the iPad 2019 which is the economy version of the iPad and stores it for those who wish to iPad at a discounted price. Perhaps the issue with updates to some Mac devices, especially the device’s Mac Pro supercomputer that runs this month 5 years to provide its markets but update. The popularity of iPad and Mac devices are fixed roughly associated with the issuance of a new device any problem of sales due to Apple’s delayed too long in issuing the new. Does the Apple undue delay in updates?

Other products and services

There are other products that are expected to occur or be issued in 2019, the most important of these products:

Headset AirPod2: the sky is a famous and very popular expected to provide Apple update; some news says that the update will be slight to provide a tray support shipping wireless and others say that there is a radical modernization will be issued the end of the year.

Headset HomePod: the latest products and the actors of Apple which didn’t break ground because of the weakness of Siri in front of rivals and the high price tag. In 2019 is expected to offer Apple’s new headset there is a difference in the news some say it will be under the brand Beats and other news Apple says. News reports that she will be the second generation and other news says it will hear the lower-priced “version of the Lite or the Mini”. Any can test it as available to issue new headset.

Apple service video: it is expected that Apple launches through 2019 Service videos special for Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Apple TV 6: the sixth generation of Apple TV is expected to be released in conjunction with the detection Apple for service videos.

Apple service News paid: it is expected that Apple provides a news service for businesses that expect a subscription to magazines and newspapers in the developer via the application of Apple News has acquired Apple’s already on the application of the Texture allocated in this area.

Apple service bay: this service is the most consistent and naturally and continuously. Is expected that Apple heavily in support of the service globally, especially European states that didn’t get the service.

Charger AirPower: we don’t know anything about this product and if Apple insists on continuing to hint at his presence, but when will be released we don’t know. But it is logical to believe the beginning of the year.

Sixth-generation V: will release the previous updates in gear without a little change in design.

Apple shares

Leave the price of Apple shares for several months and lost the company a third of its market value due to a mixture of problems and obstacles whether your products or economic problems and evaluate directly in shares and commercial Chinese American as well as the poor management of the crisis from Apple -see previous article for more.. It is expected that you can Apple enjoy you again and return to the value of the trillion dollars that have been able to launch products ahead which hinder the confidence of a fan of Apple. Of course, if you calm down the tension between China and America which is the most important point, otherwise we’ll see Apple shares up to a value of less like 500 million (currently $ 700 million).

When will we see products

Expect to hold Apple through 2019 the number of 4 the conference will be the distribution of the months as follows:

January and February : no conferences or new products

March-April: conference on detection of iPad 2019 will be the processor A11 and some of the advantages of the iPad Pro version of 2017 (iPad Pro 2-size 10.5-inch) may also learn about iPhone, SE the second generation or as determined by Apple allows it. Maybe reveal Apple in the same conference Apple News and shipping Radio your headset AirPod and the radio AirPower if you can manufacture it. Any will be a conference dedicated to Apple’s products.

May : but the conferences and perhaps Apple releases the update silent for a Mac as I did several times but was not available to repeat it next year because the devices need Update drastic the conference.

June: as usual there will be the conference of developers WWDC 19 and reveals iOS 13 which will support the iPhone 6 and the latest may be Apple’s harsh and start from the 6s and the latest. As well as the launches of the new generation of the system clock and the TV and Mac. It is expected to be Apple’s harsh to drop many organs of the possibility of the update after the vine, lasting for years.

July and August: but the conferences or products.

September: conference the largest and will be the launch of iPhone XI and the other from XR is not information as well as the fifth generation of the previous and the previous generation of Apple TV, Apple TV and Apple videos and movies.

October: conference on detection of the iPad Pro the fourth generation will be similar to the current hand design with technical changes. It is expected to have some Mac devices, especially the Mac Pro update radical in the conference.

One last word

Apple has a habit of in recent years is the launch of some products in the silent role of the conferences has this happen with a minor update for Mac, maybe see you in the box headset AirPod with shipping wireless. But we see that we need to focus on the launch of the products in conferences, because this breaks the popular and can offer nothing in the content of the flashy Fisher you like the progress is great which help this stock to recover.

What do you think of our predictions for Apple in 2019? And do you have expectations? And do you remember a product named iPod forgotten years ago? Share your opinion in the comments

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