Forecast indicates growth in the revenues of Huawei by 21%

Provided the Chinese giant Huawei exclusive range of smart phones this year, as she managed the company to achieve sales reached 200 million units in 2018, at the latest forecast it was pointed out that the revenue of Huawei’s rise by 21% at the end of 2018, or the equivalent of $ 109 million.


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Passed the Huawei company this year some of the international problems that have imposed some barriers to sales of Huawei this year, however, these barriers did not delay the progress of the company, where the company already launch special versions of smart phones in celebration of the achievement of sales reached 200 million units of smartphones in 2018.

Include Huawei in her recent remarks that came across Guo Ping, the company expects growth in revenue of up to 21% at the end of this year, or $ 109 million, stressing that the air barriers of the international imposed on the police did not affect their growth and advancement during the past two years.

Also added Guo Ping, it is expected that the company will continue to achieve growth in the sales of smart phones particularly through 2019 by 20%, also confirmed that the company is able to come to develop communications ب26 company even now, despite the air barriers of the international imposed on the Chinese giant, so I’m still Huawei as one of the largest companies developed to provide communications and smart phones in the world even now.


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