Forecast a new decrease in the proportion of sales of the iPhone XS

Are expectations for sales of Apple phones iPhone XS at the end of 2018, as noted by analyst William Yang that the bank cut forecasts for sales of phones and the iPhone by 10% in the first quarter.


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By the end of 2018, still Apple is facing a drop in sales of the iPhone XS, where the detection of local bank City William Yang for Cut Bank Women expected sales of phones and the iPhone by 10%, or 45 million units.

Have indicated that many of the leaks so far the reduction of Apple orders shipped the components of the phones iPhone the last of their suppliers, also referred to that both the iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR did not achieve the expectations of the first to buy Apple, especially if you compare both of the phones iPhone 8, iPhone X.

The recent analyst William Yang that sales of the iPhone XS Max a version possible and the highest price of Apple worth $ 1000 will be a reduction in shipping orders up to 48 %.

Recall that Apple had previously announced they would not make in earnings reports the next details about the sales numbers of phones iPhone or units sold of the phones life, so keep these details in the space expectations at the current time.


I know of

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