Ford launches the second episode of the series “tips for driving in the desert”

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فورد تطلق الحلقة الثانية من سلسلة "نصائح القيادة في الصحراء"

Enjoy the desert beauty of the picturesque counterpart say but, at the same time, a masterpiece of risk-driving them, and may help you some simple steps to prepare to avoid the risks before you go through the adventure in nature and the outdoors, where some feared off-road driving because of their fear of falling into trouble, changes in sand like not being able to go out, so produced the Ford series of videos useful to encourage drivers to drive in the desert during the winter months.

Focused the first episode of the series, Ford choose the appropriate vehicle for driving off-road, so that drivers can professional, in appropriate circumstances, to say almost anything in the desert, but for the rest of us, must be four-wheel drive system, but four-wheel drive systems of varying levels, while many of the vehicles crossover is now equipped with payment of all wheels, may be some of them are not suitable for driving on soft sand-dense.

Tell us Christopher Bauer, supervisor of the engineering department powertrain Ford Middle East’s, joint solutions, in the second episode of the series that the editing is a fundamental issue to spend a fun day in the desert, said Bauer in this connection: “before setting off, you should be sure that your car is ready for the trip: set off always with a full tank of fuel, and make sure that your car has undergone maintenance recently, and that the levels of oil and liquid cooling good.”

He added: “As you will need to take with you some of the equipment, you should dump the air from your tires, and there are many tools that will help you to do so. You will also need to reinflate your tires when you get back to the road, so you must have the air compressor fit, and in addition to that, you’ll need to strap a tow or rope, and you the clouds, where we use similar drag flexible because it is safer and easily from metal clamps, and we must not forget the shelves. It should be noted that the most important is to install your equipment securely, so as not to be tossed around the cabin has traffic humps, you should also preview the equipment regularly to make sure they are in good condition”.

Should pack a lot of food and water in the car is enough for you and your passengers, and must not forget to bring warm dresses if you intend to stay in the desert during the night, so that the high temperatures during the day drop dramatically at night, there is no doubt that driving with mates in a group relieves dangerous to learn alone in the desert, so it is recommended that accompany you another car, it is better to accompany you two cars or three cars up.

How much should a new drivers catching drivers seasoned because they know how to choose the appropriate path through the desert in order to help drivers with less experience to gain self-confidence, and they can also determine the speed of progress of the procession, and they know how to return home to the starting point, in addition to extending a helping hand to anyone who needs help.

Concluded Bauer said: “the basic idea is to take with you everything you need to enjoy your time. And most of the time there will be no mobile phone coverage in the desert, and help is available close to you, so you should be able to help yourself and help others when needed”.

The gate Arab News Technical Ford launches the second episode of the series “tips for driving in the desert.”

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