Ford launches new series of “tips for driving in the desert”

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فورد تطلق السلسلة الجديدة من "نصائح القيادة في الصحراء"

The Middle East is characterized the best locations in the world for driving in the desert, as there are many to the dunes in the cold months, avoid a large percentage of the fan of the desert, the prospect of spending time in longer than planned, and a lot of people that know their vehicle in the sand, but thanks to some knowledge and a set of simple steps may prevent your driving on the sand is a very pleasurable experience, as interpreted before the council to visit new places, and giving you the opportunity to choose the Middle East from a unique perspective and exciting.

Produced Ford a series of six videos are useful to cover the basics of driving in the desert for your help to reach the remotest places in the region, so as to provide adventurers the tips that they need to get out on the road and driving on the dunes this winter.

Focus the first episode on choosing the appropriate vehicle for driving off-road, so that drivers can professional, in appropriate circumstances, to say almost anything in the desert, but for the rest of us, must be four-wheel drive system, but four-wheel drive systems of varying levels, while many of the vehicles crossover is now equipped with payment of all wheels, may be some of them are not suitable for driving on soft sand-dense.

Said Mike Chavez, one of the sponsors of the peace and chief technologist at the Ford product development team the Middle East: “we have a preference for vehicles that feature to my land well, the system of four-wheel drive range low speeds, and driving on the dunes. It should be noted that the crop usually limited Best ground and at an angle to my proposal and get away which are less than required for driving off-road. It is true that these features are excellent cancer aerobic and savings in fuel consumption in everyday driving, but when out on the road driving on the sand, this may result in damage to the vehicle or are in the sand.”

Not only does the four-wheel drive system to transfer engine power to each wheel, even if the scope of the low speeds allows drivers also benefit more from the torque of the engine output of the vehicle from the scrapes that you may learn them, and the drivers only implement tires before leaving the paved road, to help to maximize the use of available payment on the sand is not fixed, as the weight of the vehicle over a wider area when it becomes a larger part of the frame in contact with the ground, allowing him to float above the sand.

Added Chavez: “offers a combination wheel and tire used in vehicles such as the Ranger more space than the frame, so, when you are organizing a school it allows you to stay above the sand rather than dig in then the vehicle”.

The gate Arab News Technical Ford launches new series of “tips for driving in the desert.”

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