Ford evolution of truck design electric full of the series F

Company started Ford in the development of the electric truck the new F Series, which comes to designing complete electrical according to the statements of Jim Farley president of the Ford Motor Company.


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Revealed the head of the company Ford’s Jim Farley about the company’s plans to launch truck is being developed from the F Series, which comes to designing Complete Electric, where he explained that the draft of the new company under development differs from the models of electric vans, which are now of a series of F-150 which will combine electrical design, design of traditional trucks.

On the other hand didn’t happen to Jim Farley model trucks scheduled to be developed for power whole, forecasts indicate that the company will truck the F-150 is the best selling in the United States design electric complete.

Recall that Ford is trying to keep its competitors in the electric car market, where the company presented a Rivian emerging already Need Your of this category of trucks in 2018, and use Tesla to launch model of electric vans in the coming years.


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