Ford creates a giant machine to sell the car in cooperation with company Alibaba


Looking company Ford for new ways to sell their policies, and over the last two years, the company had us deal with the idea of creating giant structures formed basically a vending machine for cars. The company Ford now created the first Vending machine of its policies with the giant Chinese e-commerce Alibaba after the partnership lasted for about two years.

The Vending machine giant new multi-story located in Guangzhou city of China and dozens of cars that carry the brand Ford. Users can simply choose the car they want from the application Tmaill, a subsidiary of Alibaba, then took her test driving for three days.

Thus, customers will be plenty of time to get a new car and determine whether they want to buy them or not. The programme benefits from the services of Alibaba and potential customers discounts and incentives in accordance with the standards used for services that are part of the Alibaba.

The concept of storing a car in the installations of mechanical is not new. In fact, going back the roots of this idea to the early twentieth century, but rarely uses this system to sell cars. For this reason, the company decided to Ford company cooperation with Alibaba providing customers a new way to buy cars. However, it remains to be seen whether this new way of selling cars will make their way to other markets all over the world or not.

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