For this reason we should now change the password for your accounts on Facebook and Instagram!

It seems that the serial disasters Facebook will not end, and today our appointment with another disaster of new security and protection of user accounts, where Facebook is officially that it s a mistake to store passwords “some” users in the image is readable and not encrypted which made access possible by the employees.لهذا السبب يتوجب عليك الآن تغيير كلمة المرور لحساباتك على فيسبوك وإنستاغرام!

لهذا السبب يتوجب عليك الآن تغيير كلمة المرور لحساباتك على فيسبوك وإنستاغرام!

It seems that the size of the problem bigger than stated statement of Facebook, as it is according to a report by KrebsOnSecurity site security provides a number of accounts that stored passwords it wrong about 200 – 600 million accounts the number of employees of Facebook who they could have found understanding about 20 thousand employees!

Accounts affected include the accounts of Facebook in addition to the platform instead also. Most of the passwords that were displayed for the community to come specifically from the application of the Facebook Lite is for popular consumption it a little bit of data.

Facebook announced that there is no evidence yet that the passwords were tapped incorrectly, and this is something we can’t be certain but it may be the attempt of Facebook to trade on it. (See related: when to stop scandals Facebook?)

To say Facebook sent a notice to the accounts that you know have this problem. Whether you notice or not, it’s best that you change the password for your account on Facebook or Instagram To Password other distinctive activation characteristic two-step verification for more security.

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