For this reason may not Apple to manufacture iPhones in the United States of America

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In recent years, urged the American President Donald Trump US technology companies on Re-production processes to the United States to bring about more employment opportunities there, Apple was of course one of those companies that have been stimulated to do so. To be fair, I tried the Apple company that manufactures its products in the United States, like computer Mac Pro 2013, but released recently a report from the New York Times sheds light on the reason for which will prevent the Apple from manufacturing the iPhone in the United States of America.

Was announced the Mac Pro a few years ago, has received a new design and specifications of advanced. However, the delayed launch of this computer it seems that it was because of a single screw. This seems to be due to the fact that one of the companies that commissioned by Apple to manufacture the Bolts screw to the computer was able to produce 1000 screw only in the day, which forced Apple to delay the launch.

This is unlike the manufacturers in China which can manufacture bolts design special and in large numbers in a short period of time. It turns out later that Apple had to resort to another company to manufacture 28 Alf burger, and bolts that was delivered during the 22nd flight, this means on average a shipment of 1200 screw through each flight. The process included the delivery by the manufacturer of barrel on the delivery of orders for Apple itself to keep abreast of the needs of the latter.

The report highlights mainly on how they handle China with the tasks related to production, both in terms of size and cost. There are also reports that Apple is considering the transfer of production processes to other Asian countries besides China, like India or even Vietnam in an attempt to avoid tariffs imposed by the U.S. government on products imported from China. However, imagine that it may be difficult to avoid China completely because Chinese companies produce components at very cheap prices without sacrificing efficiency and quality.

Of course, this comes at a charge, some partners, manufacturers for Apple a lot of criticism in the past due to the abuse of workers or hiring workers under the age of work, but it remains to be seen whether the temptations offered by China is enough to convince corporate America to the idea of manufacturing its products in the United States of America or not.

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