For this reason is not going to fix the screen protection for Galaxy S10 base!

If you purchase the phone is expensive, the first thing that comes to your mind do is to maintain them from anything that might cause harm no, you’ll buy the appropriate cover and protection layer to the glass company, the Galaxy S10 next month by Samsung won’t let such protective screens!

لهذا السبب لن تصلح شاشات الحماية لهواتف جالكسي S10 القادمة!

For this reason is not going to fix the screen protection for Galaxy S10 base!

The reason behind it is simply a fingerprint sensor built-in screen which can’t work in the presence of a layer of glass-additional on screen albeit for the purpose of protection, they are incompatible with the work of the sensor, which depends on sound waves to record and read fingerprints.

Armadillotek is a company famous and well-known manufactured for Glass protection for smartphones confirmed the news in a tweet on Twitter that she had tested the glass protection on the real versions of the Galaxy S10, but it is inconsistent with the fingerprint sensor in the screen so the company will not produce any screen protection to those versions.

I don’t know the precise type of material used in the testing process if they were made of glass or plastic. Maybe Samsung included screen protection suitable for phones within a box purchase. Anyway we’ll know it when it is officially announced phones Galaxy S10 on 20 February next or be launched in early March.

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