For these reasons, leave Snapchat and follow the story of Instagram where they


I have written an article about Snapchat when the app is localized above the throne (the story); that the property that allows for a person to call on the audience in his own voice and his occasionally involved with them expertise and experience, tells them what’s going on in longing, and convey to them the information which is vibrant full of facial expressions and the interaction of the body, the Vespa reception by the receiver with great interest and longing for more.

I created the app the brilliant idea -and pride – if not a genius did not help them Network and other disk into YouTube; all that the region has become today, the application of the idea of the story with some minor changes, and every network is competing to other to assess the characteristics of more and better.

Recently decided to go back to publish the story, but you are a professional in the matter of choosing the most suitable product, it is worth noting that the calculation of the tutorial in Snapchat following by thousands, and the other account in Instagram where they are fewer in number in stores, they are sensitive to offering educational content, you have stopped publishing them years ago, and now decided to go back to spread the story, and then experience a rapid here and there, I decided to rely on the application of the Instagram, it is running better for several reasons, I shall mention you in the following points:

1. The nightmare disappear.

The biggest problem I see in this type of deployment, it is difficult to describe it as (the content industry), how are we to make of that story (Stories) that the activity of the content industry, content was originally disappears within 24 hours, the disappearance of content in a specified time period is the biggest problem I faced and facing a lot, and it was one of the reasons leading to the establishment channel in YouTube: To save in clips before you leave the Digital Life Forever, which is why many of the activists in Snapchat have YouTube channels documenting their content value for the benefit of other people, even generations later.

Application Instagram where they came up with the genius, consider him a genius because he made a choice compromise that would satisfy the terminal characteristics of basic concern is the disappearance within a specified time period, and when we get down about this attribute would be something else, decipher the solution presented by the application is to provide an option for anyone who wants to retain some of his stories in the pages of the main account, which is the so-called(Story Highlights).

It has been possible to keep some of those stories, not all stories are about the Daily updates are useless, may stimulate the esophagus, stomach, through the story some of the content useful and meaningful, or -as in my case – the educational content you want them to keep to revolving benefit from it, and become a valuable asset in your account.

This property offers several useful options, you are able to arrange these stories in groups no icons fixed, all set to give him a name and image of symbolism of its own, and you can also add new stories to groups the former with ease, or deletion of them, and other options.

2. Multiple accounts

Some have more than one account, you are a doctor, you may have the account published medical information and the calculation of another person, a lot of people have more than one account, and it is needed to switch between accounts every now and then. In the application of Snapchat you have to log out of your account first and then you log in the second, but in Instagram it is much easier.

The application Instagram where they the option to switch accounts, simply click on your name at the top then select the second account (which was logged in already), and actually, they feature helped me a lot and will both be published in more than one account Instagram.

3. An integrated platform

Snapchat is based on the concept of the story, is the merchandise basic offered by the customers, but in the Instagram where they are not the story of only one of the ways of publishing, is not only a property of properties, the application is to serve as an integrated platform through which you can publish photos, video, short messaging and live streaming, and finally published the story.

Why I can distract my effort and my time in the most of the application I have one application provides all those characteristics, I publish educational content on the form of small clips, and I use the story to spread some of the benefits of fast, I take advantage of the messaging feature to communicate with followers, and all of this I within only one application.

4. Isolate content Vogue

The problem of Snapchat -and Instagram – it provides a window to see what is published by the world around you, right it’s a useful feature to explore what’s going on around you and what energizes people in other parts of the globe, where the working of such algorithms to explore the content that’s popular and who attended to interact the most part, but the problem is that some of this content may be inappropriate or does not fit the beliefs and cultures of individuals in the Arab countries.

In Snapchat this problem is prominent, because of your stories that you post will appear with content that’s popular in one page, on the one hand, a normal user, you will choose plans have the content rule who pursue them with content that guides its not the app itself.

In the Instagram where they will at least be a separation between the content of the original leaders who follow their own, content in vogue, which appears in the special tab to explore the content of the other, in my opinion, this feature is important and useful especially for anyone who cares about morality.

5. Web interface

Snapchat is for phones only, there’s no way I can follow the story across the web or computers, or check in your account management needs across the site directly, that it might be important to some people -I am one of them – who work faster through personal computers.

In the Instagram where they are your interface to use the web correctly you’re not able to publish content through it (which is a feature we hope to add it in the future), but at least you can move your account and nature of the published content, or even respond to comments faster.

Of the things that was bothering me personally in Snapchat, it is the private letters and comments, I am of the people who are keen to reply to comments or even to show impressive, and when you get too many messages it becomes hard to follow them and respond to them only if you are using a personal computer and a keyboard is great, and in the case of Snapchat, you have no choice but phone, the in Instagram where they can reply to comments via the official website or through the Facebook page linked to (via the tab Inbox)

6. More flexible and transparent

When I decided to change the name of the user (Usenet intention) in Snapchat; and I was surprised that I’m not capable of it, and after a quick search I discovered that it is not available, if you want the name of the new user, you need to create a new account, this is the case in Snapchat, so what about the Instagram where they are?

In Instagram where they it’s available, you can change the name of the user at any time for more than once, and already you’ve established a personal account in the name of different from what it Course on Twitter and Facebook, because my name has been reserved in Instagram where they and has created a Snapchat account with the same name, and after days of thought in the name of better, and the change in Instagram where they successfully, while Snapchat wasn’t it allowed.

This may not be a negative for some people, but for me is important, which generally reflects the difference of flexibility between Snapchat into, there are other aspects, of which not to allow to know the number of followers, which still Snapchat distinct to this day, while in the Instagram where they and all the other platforms; is available but and of rights of common.

7. Interactive posters

Let’s distinguish between two types of stickers, the first type which is available in both applications: posters and graphics (whether static or animated), the second type can allow his plastered Interactive, which is marked by the Instagram where they where, you’re able to sign someone else within the story (mention) or add the hash hanker, or location and the name of the city, and all that the viewer is able to interact with them via touch, and then the occurrence of a certain process based on the type of the label.

Also there is a property vote, ask questions and other posters that add life and soul to these stories, and the audience that interacts with the content creator instead of being a recipient only, and it is open to the owner of the content wider for creativity, we have seen how to use some of the content creators property votes to allow the public to select some options, such as the expansion of the tourist places, or choose certain dishes to eat and other creative ideas that can be applied via interactive posters.

The conclusion of the …

The transition of a person from one application to another is not a kind of ingratitude or drought, it is a question of the first being to another is the exchange of interests, the application of the benefit of the users and generate millions (via advertising) and the user takes advantage of the app to communicate and, sometimes, build audience and earn money (takes part of the cake), but if there was offer more features it is really the user that is available to him, even if they steal ideas from other apps, it’s no longer of affairs of the user that is available when it determines-build – test runs.

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