For these reasons, declining sales of the iPhone, according to the head of Apple CEO Tim Cook!

Still the talk about the declining sales of the iPhone around the world, it started with rumors and then news reports and financial expiry of the official statements on the lips of the greatest officials of the Apple is its CEO “Tim Cook” that talked about it in the conference announced financial results for the last quarter of the company.

لهذا الأسباب تتراجع مبيعات الآيفون وفقاً لرئيس آبل التنفيذي تيم كوك!

For these reasons, declining sales of the iPhone, according to the head of Apple CEO Tim Cook!

Price then price then price!

Clearly, Frank and Tim Cook pointed out that the prices of phones the iPhone was a factor in the decline of their sales, especially in emerging markets and within the United States.

He also added that the exchange rates of the dollar to local currencies are also a new burden on the price of the iPhone, and that Apple worked to reduce the difference of the currency to the lowest levels in some areas to avoid that additional increase. In a previous interview with Reuters, stated Tim Cook said that Apple intends to reduce the price of the iPhone in some markets.

هاتف iPhone XR أرخص هواتف الآيفون الجديدة بسعر يبدأ من 750$

IPhone XR cheapest phones new iPhone at a starting price of 750$

In relation to exchange rates, hit “Tim Cook” the ideals of Turkey, which has seen the prices of the iPhone in an unprecedented rise as a result of the depreciation of the Turkish lira against the dollar following the economic problems last, which make the sales of iPhone in Turkey to decline by about $ 700 million.

Phones iPhone last long!

This was one of the factors that I talked about Tim Cook because – as he put it – phones iPhone, carefully designed to destroy as long as possible, and thus remain users on older versions of the iPhone without having to purchase newer versions.

The process of market saturation versions of the iPhone which is talking about Tim Cook appeared clearly through 2018 when he decided to users card replacement phones iPhone Their to to their performance usual in exchange for just$ 29 instead of sell it and buy newer versions after the scandal deliberately Apple TV slow phones iPhone with old batteries.

Tim Cook also said that sales of the iPhone on the other have grown in some countries such as Germany, Italy, Mexico, and the United States and Canada, as the services sector has experienced significant growth as a service to Apple’s Music which reached the number of users to over 50 million subscribers.

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