For the first time since 2017.. Apple unveils updated series iMac

Step new the Apple, is the update series iMac, for the first time since 2017, so how came this development one of the most popular computers in the market?

Update iMac

Seen 2017 the last updates made by the Apple company, in connection with a series of computers, the iMac, where it seems that time has finally come, to introduce new developments of that famous series.

Apple has revealed recently about updates catches for 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac, including that of higher speed in performance, efficiency and more clarity in terms of graphics graphic, but with the situation in account the lack of price differences between the devices listed, before and after the update.

Start value-price computer, iMac 4K the owner of the screen 21.5 inches, from about 1299 dollars, while the starting price of the device screen the 27-inch iMac 5K from or exactly, the latest Apple that will be available to trade your company beginning of next week.

Special specification

It seems clear stretching devices iMac after development features of hard-to-find devices another desktop, where the supplied devices 27 inch with Intel processors the ninth generation, and options are amazing for graphics Vega, which increases the speed of the computer more than doubled in a year, and 50% for graphics.

As for your iMac owner of the area of the screen is 21.5 inches, so its Intel processors the third generation, which is happening for the first time for a computer this size of Apple, sign processors, Vega graphics available for larger as we have mentioned, which will make a difference and a clear technical لـiMac, with the increase speed of computer in general by 60%, the speed of graphics graphic by 80%.

Experts see that the latest updates from Apple, will increase the strength and rigidity of the iMac in the shadow of its rival with desktop computers well-known, such as HP, who offer value price for the hexa-core maker, 27-inch by about 1449$, as well as Dell who kill the market with eight cores, the adult price of about 1399$.

In the end, is a new attempt of Apple, to collect the several advantages necessary to the users, inside of one computer, which we’ll explore his success of lack of it in the coming days.

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