For the first time – phones iPhone may come charger fast this year!

Phones iPhone 8 and iPhone X and newer already supports fast charging feature but it’s completely useless to the user because the charger that comes in a box purchase is slow and can take advantage of this property. This has completely changed phones with the iPhone coming in 2019 ongoing.

لأول مرة - هواتف الآيفون قد تأتي بشاحن سريع هذا العام!

For the first time – phones iPhone may come charger fast this year!

According to the website Macotakara news Japan, Apple plans to roll out a charger powerful fast 18 and in a box to purchase your phones to the new iPhone next the end of 2019 instead of tea, the slow, traditional adult Power 5-watt only.

Using a fast charger like that can be like charging the iPhone X up to 80% within one hour, the Charger Regular slow currently in the process of battery charging for iPhone X about two and a half hours, and so also for the rest of the phones iPhone – and possibly longer – if you don’t turn the user to buy the latest Charger is fast. (See related: is fast charging technology and wireless in the iPhone is useless?)

Japanese website also reported that Apple will also bring the USB cable-C to Lightning inside a box purchase, which enables this cable to connect phones iPhone many chargers rapid and a lot of accessories of the Treaty on the USB-C port without the port Lightning traditional in phones, iPhone is a hindrance without it.

It is worth mentioning that other rumors earlier reported that the phones iPhone new for 2019 will also support wireless charging technology reverse through which they can phones iPhone charging phones and other devices wirelessly.

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