For the first time in history, and coach of the robotics club, “Wingate & Finchley”

The team announced the “Wingate & Finchley” that the new coach would be a “mechanical robot”, will lead the team against the club, “Whitey You” Day 8 of next month, his ability to develop tactics and method of play, the team took me to leap for future.

Confirmed club “Wingate & Finchley”, who plays in the league of areas of the British capital London, that the e-got a brain the industry relies on artificial intelligence, AI, has been prepared by a number of experts equipped with specialized software in the training, as happens in games of tactical electronic soccer.

As the publication number of the newspaper The”Daily Mail” that the coach is “automated” on the body box moves with the human, and lead him to the training ground and the players to deliver lectures art and choose the lineup, and that the experience of the coach e-think a unique experience, you will see a shift in the world of training, and a first step to change depending on the science, technology, engineering, and hopes her team to be the reason they win.

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