For the first time in 50 years potential NASA astronaut refused training

An unprecedented event for the first time since 1968 occurred with aerospace Agency NASA. One of the potential astronauts were selected for training for space flight, for the first time in 50 years refused to learning and leave the class. Last summer, the Agency is among the 18 thousand of applications selected 12 people (7 men and 5 women) that were included in the new composition of the astronauts of NASA. One of the lucky ones turned out to be the hero of today’s news.

NASA reported that as one of the potential astronauts Robb cooking. stop learning Aug 31, further training will continue, the only group of 11 people. According to the website space Agency, the decision Kulina motivated by “personal reasons”. Details of these reasons, the Agency said.

A group of 12 people selected for training for space flight. Cooking. the second on the right

Interestingly, 35-year-old cooking. born in Alaska, three filed an application to become a participant of the program of training of the astronauts, but was adopted only last year, to begin training in August.

Before joining NASA cooking. for 6 years was an employee of the company SpaceX, where he worked as an engineer and worked on the creation of the carrier rocket Falcon 9. Holder of a diploma engineer at the University of Denver, he also defended a dissertation at the University of Dan Diego, trained in Italy and three went on an expedition to Antarctica.

“I hope that one day I will be able to fly on the unit, the components of which I designed. But in any case I’ll be glad to go into space on any spacecraft,” said cooking. in 2017 at a press conference marking his acceptance into the ranks of future astronauts.

Cooking. is it blown? Maybe Elon Musk has made him a more tempting offer? Your thoughts on this occasion you can Express not only in comments but also in our official Telegram chat

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