For the first time – faith takes on 51% of the proceeds from smart phones!

For the first time in its history, acquired phones Apple iPhone on 51% of the proceeds from smartphones in the last quarter of 2017 superior to all other companies by a pretty large margin, thanks to strong sales of the iPhone X.

للمرة الأولى - آيفون يستحوذ على 51% من عائدات الهواتف الذكية!

For the first time – the iPhone takes 51% of the revenues from smart phones!

These data issued by Strategy Analytics, specialized in market research and that reported in a recent report that the size of the business of smart phones globally during the last quarter of 2017 reached $ 120 million, was for the Apple TV lion’s share of where the revenue from the sales of the iPhone during that period 61.4 billion, equivalent to 51% of total revenues in for the first time.

Years ago and iPhone control of the smart phone industry terms of revenue and profits, but this recent boom caused by the iPhone X and versions of iPhone and that are considered relatively expensive terms of raising the average price of the iPhone to$ 800 and that’s more than three times compared to the average price of smart phones companies have competition for the Apple TV, what makes the iPhone “Mac city of Industry funds” for the Apple TV to the extent described in the report of Strategy Analytics.

للمرة الأولى - آيفون يستحوذ على 51% من عائدات الهواتف الذكية!

The proceeds of some companies of smart phones during the last quarter of 2017

And experiencing the smart phone industry generally a rise in average prices amounted to 18% compared to last year, and for companies such as Samsung have increased the average price of its phones fell by 21% during the last year.

According to the report, Apple’s recent past, it has been sold 77.3 million iPhones during the last three months of 2017, and believe the iPhone X these sales on a weekly basis to become the best-selling phone during that period, despite its high price, which starts from$1,000.

As for the other companies, lost Samsung came in second place proceeds amounted to $ 18.9 million followed by Huawei in second place with total revenues of $ 8.4 million. Huawei like concentrated most of its sales on the phones available and vulnerable with an average price of 205$, and he also explains this large disparity between Apple and its competitors.

Compared to other nice, this time of hand net profit: achieved Apple about $ 20 million net profit and it is more by about 20 times compared to the Samsung, and 6 times the company of the five large manufacturer for Android phones combined!

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