For iPhone, Android and.. solve the problem of a weak signal the phone

There is nothing more frustrating than a weak signal to your cellular phone especially, if you are in an area you know well about that the signal is strong, but don’t worry the fix that problem in your phone most of the time is simple and only takes a few seconds, but if it will take more than that, you need to commission a specialist technique to check your your.

The first way

حل مشكلة ضعف اشارة الهاتف أو اتصال البيانات

To solve the problem of weak phone signal or data connection

Android: you can swipe down from the top of the screen to display the Quick Settings panel, click on the icon of the Airplane, and then wait until your phone to disconnect the call it fully Wi-Fi and its cellular, knowing that it doesn’t happen immediately, so give it 30 seconds before clicking on the icon of the airplane mode again.

iPhone: open the control panel in the phone, so users can series iPhone X the transition from the top-right corner, while the models iPhone older than the bottom of the screen, and click on the icon of the airplane mode, it will turns into orange color, when it is enabled again wait for up to one minute before that.

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