For iPhone 6.1-inch will be a stronger and more resistant to shocks

Expected to launch Apple TV three new models of iPhone in the autumn, two Tarzan plush with OLED displays, and another featuring a screen 6.1-inch LCD. In a new report, shared the King’s Ming-Chi Kuo specialized news Apple some details about what to expect with the LCD model.

In addition to the non-joinder of the phone property of touch three-dimensional as previously reported, say q, that Apple will use a screen of glass the stronger it will be more shock resistant, lighter, and adds that the iPhone low-cost will use the bottle is subject to a process called Cover Glass Sensor make it much thinner, as will the Apple TV also added a sensor thin in addition to the sensor of the touch, it is not clear at the moment what this energy is, but it will increase the cost of the touch panel by 15%.

The report also indicates that all of the iPhone including an OLED, will CGS process in the year 2019, which is logical if you wanted Apple to make a bottle offer a more reliable and less prone to, and to receive suppliers on a slight increase in profits since the cost of the CGS process are slightly higher than the previous process for the iPhone.

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