For fans of fashion and style: the company Michael Kors launches models attractive of its watches smart luxury

Despite the weakness of the attention of the technical system of Android wear from Google, it is still a product of the treaty by companies fashion accessories with regard to keeps to her hours of smart, which highlights the Company name Michael Kors, which entered the field of smart watches prior to about two years from now.

Buy the American company manufactured the products of luxury in the world of fashion, especially accessories such as watches, leather bags, and when you enter the world of smart watches, they presented a unique model that differs from the public perception of her: elegant and classic design, but the capabilities of advanced thanks to the Android operating system is given, through a series of hours Access, which was the last of its personnel H. Grayson and Sofie that was allocated the first of them to be men while the second is reserved for women.

To be accurate, the launch of hours is not now but during the month of September last, and the company currently is to provide options for the new color of this watches within the new composition of the separating spring of 2018.

Options the new model Grayson

In relation to the technical specifications, the site on the screen of a value of 1.39-inch and accurately 454×454 pixels while the hours Sofie on the screen led by 1.19 inches and accurately 390 x 390 inch, come first with a battery with a capacity of 370 Millie amperes while supplying the second battery with a capacity of 300 mellie amps. Other than that, you buy your watches based on the same slice processing is Snpadragon Wear 2100 with random memory capacity of 512 MB and storage space of 4 GB, as well as support resistant to water and dust standard IP67, and we have the absence of support for communication in NFC as well as the lack of sensitive, pulse Heart Rate Sensor.

Color options the new model Sofie

On the other hand, has been launching new models with operating system Android wear 2.0 means it’s compatible with the path of many Google smart Google Assistant, in addition to possess its features in smart watches such as the ability to change the face design your own Watchface capabilities to track athletic activity, also will own two-hour feature called My Social which allows the use of images from facebook and Instagram as the background, as was providing them with My Next that allow the creation of a counter time-coming events and important to the user.

Finally, will be available hours options for color are black, slanted green, as well as silver and so for the model of Grayson, either in relation to the model of Sofie, it colour options are: gold pink, Rose Gold, Silver, pink, white, gold and blue, it is available at a price of $ 350 USD from the official store of the company, it must be noted that this price may be higher or slightly lower depending on the state in which you live.


Source: for fans of fashion and style: the company Michael Kors launches models attractive from an hour by the smart trap

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