For discussion – what do you think about the prices of smartphones? Are you satisfied about it?

A lot of people are fanatics of some companies, and its smart phones, though they are very expensive, and of course phone manufacturers are not charities, their goal behind the hardware development is getting the profits, but are the prices adopted by firms in the pricing of the phones is actually appropriate? This is our discussion today.

للنقاش - ما رأيكم في أسعار الهواتف الذكية ؟ هل أنت راض عنها ؟

For discussion – what do you think about the prices of smartphones? Are you satisfied about it?

Compared to years past. prices have increased a lot !

In the years previously, it was$ 500 to enable you to get the phone specifications are very upscale at the time, of course there were the phones at cheaper prices, but periodically during successive years; and increased the average price of devices, and call phones priced over $ 900$ as is the case for Apple, Samsung, Google and others.

Why the prices of phones going up?

Talk about a reason to increase the price of smart phones compared to years past, the company is likely that for several reasons are as follows:

  • Increase the cost of development of sophisticated techniques.
  • Adopting the advantages of technology more sophisticated: larger screens, better treatments, a small, fast, Dual Cameras, themselves faster and so on.
  • Spent a lot of money in research, manufacturing.
  • Funds disbursed in publicity and Marketing, all of these increase the cost of the phone.

Of course it will be the most important reason in the increase of prices; modern technologies developer, which is currently available at a high price, lack of companies that provide them, therefore the prices may drop this widget in the future, to get better prices somewhat.

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Alternative available – phones the average at an affordable price !

We talked earlier and you mean essentially the flagship phones with high spec, but the alternative is available; it is phones medium specifications medium prices, where there are a lot of companies that innovate in this area, in particular Chinese companies: Xiaomi as well as Huawei and OnePlus and early Vivo, and other companies.

With that is also sometimes considered a bit high compared to the level of individual income in many states, especially in the Arab world, however, the paucity of availability of these phones in a lot of areas outside of China and India; the price still high, but is expected to be available devices the best specifications, the best at the cheapest price in the years to come.

For you:

Do you think that the prices of phones suitable? What is your phone do you have?

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