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Canadian authorities arrested Meng enzyme called Meng Wanzhou, the director of finance to buy the Huawei Chinese technology and the daughter of the founder of the company, at the request of the authorities of law enforcement of America, said a spokesman for the Department of Justice Canada the arrest of Meng was due to a suspected breach of its trade sanctions on Iran will be delivered to the United States, and the process of arrest, the sudden shock and have cried and raised new doubts about the gift trade between the two presidents Donald Trump Xi Jinping is possible for 90 days, so think this step is a blow to hopes that the possibility of having any calm in trade tensions between China and the United States.

It may be for the arrest and any possible penalties on the second-largest maker of smartphones in the world great repercussions on the supply chain technology world, where stocks fell a number of Asian companies supplier of Huawei, including Qualcomm and Intel, a spokesman for the Canadian Department of justice, the Meng, which is one of the vice-chairman of the board of management of the company and the daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei had adopted on the first of December, at the request of U.S. authorities and determine the court hearing on Friday.

The American authorities check the company Huawei, the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in the world, since at least the year 2016, in order for the shipment of American-made products to Iran and other countries in violation of export laws of America, confirmed Huawei’s arrest in a statement, said he had been to provide them with a few of the charges, adding that they “are not aware of any error committed by the lady Meng”.

He said the Chinese Embassy in Canada, she firmly opposed the arrest and called for the release of the MEng immediately, and believe a sharp response from Chinese media and social networking of China, said Xi Jinping, Hu Xijin, the editor of the newspaper Global Times Global Times, a national newspaper affiliated to the people’s daily of the ruling Communist Party: “I’m shocked. The United States cannot win for Huawei in the market. You must not act out the actions of a rogue dirty”.

In he Jia, and Jia Wenshan, a professor at Chapman University in California, the believing part of the strategic geography of the broader policy of the management of Trump to confront China and they “take the big risks out of the trade talks between the United States and China on the decree,” said a user in the web platform Weibo the Chinese that China must that the intersection of products manufactured by Apple us and must instead buy products Huawei to show support for one of the heroes of China National.

Is similar to the investigation conducted by the United States in respect of a corporation Huawei with that investigation against ZTE Corporation of China, which threatened its existence as a whole, as approved by ZTE in 2017 as guilty of violating American laws that restrict the sale of American technology and industry to Iran, and the United States earlier this year American companies from selling spare parts and software to ZTE, which is paid after that million dollars as part of a deal to repeal the ban.

According to reports issued in the month of January 2013 the existence of close links between Huawei and Skycom Tech, which is taken from the Hong Kong-based, and tried to sell computers Hewlett-Packard the Hewlett-Packard granted to export them to the largest mobile operator in Iran, has worked Meng on the board of Skycom in the period between February 2008 to April 2009, according to Skycom.

It seems that many of the managers Skycom past and present have connections with Huawei, the news of the arrest on the same day that it proclaimed the set BT BT British they decided to remove equipment company Huawei from the Centers of its current operations for the third and fourth generation, and not used to the Chinese company in the central parts of the network following depending on the to security concerns, the company said Huawei’s consistent with all export-control laws applicable and regulations of America and other.

Has praised U.S. Senator Benjamin Sass Benjamin Sasse-by-step to arrest Meng, said it was in order to try to break the US sanctions imposed on Iran,” he added: “Sometimes, the aggression of China under the auspices of the state, and sometimes are through many of the entities called “private sector” in Beijing, led the news of the arrest to increase the feeling that a massive collision is about to emerge among the top two economic powers in the world, where it’s not about the tariff treatment only, but the structure of the technology.

And Meng enzyme called Meng Wanzhou, as the director of Finance, on the financing of the company employ 180 thousand people and achieved revenues of $ 47.4 million in the first half of 2018, and expects to sell 200 million smartphones this year, overtaking Apple in sales in the third quarter of last year, as the company aims this year to spend up to $ 20 million annually on research and development, after spending last year of $ 13.8 million, or 15 percent of sales, on research and development.

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