For beginners: tests touch prolonged in the Control Center

Last month I was with a friend of mine fix something in his car and asked him lighting spotlights his phone the iPhone 6 already did it was the intensity of the lighting is weak I asked him to increase the intensity of the lighting he asked me how! And then were surprised that there are tests for this. By exploring such these shortcuts surprised that a large number of people have their phones with no touch 3D Touch they don’t know that there are tests for prolonged in the Control Center. So I offer this article to buy.

للمبتدئين: اختصارات اللمس المطول في مركز التحكم

To clarify

This article this combination A via the touch prolonged in the iPhone before the 6s like 6 or 5s or even the SE and Xr, as well as all iPads. If your device supports 3D Touch will be, of course, these advantages and more. But we make it clear here that reportedly works even on the oldest devices.


When you open the control center appears in traditional format that we know since years and you can Settings choose what appears according to your use

Now touch prolonged on each element shows the advantages of the properties for example the section your company’s wi-fi shows you options to add a point of personal contact and Air Drop.

Touch prolonged on the icon of the brightness of the screen is enlarged for your better as well as showing you the option to activate and turn off Night Mode Night Shift.

Touch prolonged to the icon of the camera gives you the possibility to jump directly to export goods or the video or scan the QR code

Touch prolonged on the icon of the provisional gives you the possibility to set the time directly, without the need to move to the app.

The icon of Do Not Disturb touch verbose doesn’t give you the additional tests which are run for 1 hour or until the evening as well as another option not shown in the picture is activated until you leave your current location. This shortcut state and strange because Apple don’t prevent you from any place to another possibility to activate water for an hour only in this way.

The water that was the reason for writing the article. Scout when you touch prolonged it infects you the possibility to choose the intensity of illumination is low 4 levels.

Icon AA when you touch prolonged you can’t control the size of text on the device.

If you’re someone who uses Apple TV touch prolonged on its icon you can control any devices that broadcast them.

Touch prolonged property music gives you the possibility to control and other important icon that appear on the top left of the following picture enables you to determine which broadcasts the audio of both the phone or the Bluetooth speaker if it’s connected.

The notes also touch his lengthy gives you several great options were as follows:

Icon screen recording might be of more icons downloads; touch verbose doesn’t give you the option another great is you want to be recording without sound or working microphone to record audio.

You can trade on your own and get to know more in detail, but the question remains; when Apple made the Touch feature three-dimensional some said that it can provide the advantages of a touch prolonged as an alternative but they rejected this command “tools for iOS offer similar things and using Google system touch screen prolonged”. Apple’s use of water already succeeded, why not offer it as an alternative to in the rest of the system? Google as we mentioned ahead of Paragon and succeeded where the touch is prolonged shows advantages to once the move shows off the deletion.

Remember that the Apple iPad offers the Touch option prolonged in some system apps for example the application of of Books Books at the touch of the prolonged not only shows you a pop-up screen like you have to touch three-dimensional images of the following from my device, iPad Air 2013 version.

Did you know shortcuts touch prolonged without the 3D Touch is? And do you think Apple did not stop in the water for marketing purposes or technique? Share your opinion in the comments

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