For beginners: helpful tips and tricks in iPhone

Talk about iPhone and its features and operating system that don’t belong. It is very easy to use the iPhone right out of the box, but more importantly to learn on both small and large in how to control it to become the interest of those devices, and don’t even get bored of using them. If you are a user recently for Apple devices here are some important tips in using the iPhone.

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Development in the Maps application

If you want to make sure good directions in maps, double-click on the map to enlarge, and you can continue double-clicking to get to the maximum zoom. Also you can double-click and hold the second time to zoom in and zoom out by moving your finger up and down the screen.

Development in the e-mail

You can quickly switch between the mailboxes by typing the words like “reported” or “unread” or “sent” or “junk” in the “search” field. Will the mailboxes of the relevant option under the search bar. Any you can search on behalf of the Council, not just messages.


Open the Mail – Mailboxes, click Edit, and then click VIP will fund your VIP. Look for buttoned circled click. Click on the add a VIP and then add the people who are important to you. The advantage of this list is that it enables you to customize the tone a particular to learn that the messages coming from the VIP or choose to show in notification various or even remove the sound notification for all messages except the VIP.

Dealing with calls

If you got a call from someone and you don’t want to reply because you’re busy. During the contact, click “message” on the screen incoming call then you can select a text message to inform the caller that you can’t reply now.

Use the loudspeaker during a call

Your hands are busy and you can’t hold the phone to call? It is very easy. Activate “Hey Siri” and then say ” Hey Siri, call blunted by the sky” out loud and clear. The initiative will connect without the need to catch the phone.

Navigate between applications

We all know the way to navigate between applications through a call the app switcher by double-clicking on the button home. There is another way to maybe cut down on some people. If you have a property Force-Touch iPhone 6s latest. Just click on the edge of the screen to the left a little strong, and you have the app switcher. Owners of the iPhone X they drive up from the bottom edge to the company and in the middle to get to the app switcher.

Put the point of the last sentence

You can put the point of the last sentence by pressing on the ruler at the keyboard twice.


Can use 3D Touch press on the keyboard, you will see that you have become the move in the index write easily and quickly, just move left and right as you want.

There is another function; it can be pressed firmly on the word to select it or twice on a Friday to select them or press firmly a little bit on the paragraph three times to select them. On an iPad you need to touch with two fingers and just hold.

Certainly this is not all the tips about using the iPhone in a way we can utilize them to full advantage. There is still lots and lots big to learn more.

Did you know all of those tips? If you know of one forgotten by a lot of Apple users don’t skimp on them, and tell us in the comments.

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