Food allergies can be cured by intestinal bacteria

Over the last ten years, the number of people suffering from food allergies, has increased dramatically. The exact cause of the spread of the disease is unknown, but researchers from Boston children’s hospital recently proved the hypothesis that the development of allergies from a very early age may be triggered by the intestinal disorders of the human microbiome. Based on this knowledge, they developed a prebiotic cocktail that makes up for the missing gut bacteria testing on mice showed amazing results.

The hypothesis of interrelation of disturbed intestinal microflora and the occurrence of food Allergy was proved in the course of the study, which involved 56 children with food allergies and 98 healthy infants. The researchers followed up on their microflora for 30 months and found that children with food allergies there was a lack of a certain group of bacteria, which apparently protect the body from allergic reactions.

New cure food allergies

The researchers did not disclose the names of bacteria, but used them to create a probiotic cocktail and tested its effect on mice that are sensitive to egg allergens. In the end, they found that after the restoration of the gut microflora in mice choked allergic reactions. This means that the medicine can be used not only to prevent allergies but also to treat it.

The creators of the drugs are going to test it on people — they are particularly interested in patients allergic to peanut butter, and of all ages, as infants and adults. According to senior study author Talal Chatila, a cure for allergies may be on the market in the next five years. He and his colleagues have founded a company ConsortiaTX, which will focus on developing new microbial methods of treating allergies.

Intestinal microflora plays a really big role in human health. Recently, researchers from the Institute of Babraham in Cambridge transplants feces from young mice to old and noticed that the latter was strengthened immune system. Read more about the study can be read in our material.

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