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Watch the football matches and World Cup 2018, FIFA are not enough nerds in this game, Need followers and viewers to reports and select the clock to follow what’s going on inside and outside the stadiums and in the scenes and understand the tactics of the coaches and various team football , and in World Cup 2018 hopes of millions of viewers and fans get the news of the events of the Arab common aphid, knowing that Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt in addition to Saudi Arabia are four teams that qualified to the finals this historical precedent , The application of our famous is one of the best sports apps that cover excellent in Arabic for various sports including football and of course coverage of the World Cup 2018 is one of the important changes on the app.

It is understood that this application is the mobile version integrated from the website of the famous, it allows users to benefit from all the advantages of the site and the content provided by followers.

In this article we will look into its advantages in addition to its characteristics which make you work to download and use.

Know the dates of the matches and qualifiers and World Cup 2018 Russia and one of the results and registration the objectives of the first Powell
  • Information on the application out.

تحميل تطبيق koora
Download app koora

The application of cart based on one of the most famous websites in the field of sports in the region, which presents news content in this area throughout the year and throughout time.

Stand behind the app and website media organization employing a large team of editors, translators, content creators of written, visual.

The app is available on both the App Store besides Google Play and has been downloaded more than million times, making it one of the most popular apps in this area.


  • And out of the News World Cup 2018, on iPhone and Android

اهم مميزات تطبيق kooora
The most important characteristic of the application of kooora

Shows you Clock app the latest sports news in various areas, including domestic football and international, European and global.

When the World Cup 2018 app includes a section where the latest news and press reports about this event.

The app displays a schedule of fixtures and you can see the lineup of official events in each match to add to what is going on in each match through the expressions that describe the events moment by moment, along with Alert you to the latest goals and also registered.

The app lets you learn about the history of events and players in addition to the objectives and obtaining the cards and expelled from the games.

The news that you’ll find in the app localized for FIFA Add to global sources, health, sports news football go.

Enjoy the app one cart full to add to the design easy to use allows you to navigate between sections and to explore the latest articles, news and analysis publication.

As the organizers of the site are working to intensify the visual content publish more video clips of the goals, statements, stories, sports and information and facts which will help users and viewers to understand exactly what is happening and to get more news video.

اخبار كأس العالم 2018
News World Cup 2018

All of this in Arabic, of course, there are investigations are published in addition to reports and tactics from experts and specialists and articles the latest rumors and news from the health world.

For the World Cup 2018 in Russia, the organizers of the app they started the media coverage is good for this event, they are focusing on the news all the teams participating, with exclusive reports on the events of the Arab and its preparations and hosting of the expert opinions in this regard.

Should be app the first source of news in Arabic about this event sports the next period, where will all the news and reports that answer questions from readers and users, besides follow the games in real time and notifications of the goals and aspirations that you get during the matches.

Link to download application our news the 2018 World Cup on iPhone and Android

Add the above the application is available on Google Play for Android devices 4.0.3 what the latest, while it is available on App Store for iPhone and iPad for free.

The app displays ads, like a website or application news, an unobtrusive ads and you get application service website without paying any penny.

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