Flying cars could become a reality in the near future

Probably, many of us flying cars are associated with some sci-Fi movie. The latest research in the field of automotive industry show that flying cars may appear in the near future. We are talking about machines vertical take-off and landing — VTOL. In addition, Volvo is also working on the project “Transition”, which is a car and plane in one package.

The British company Rolls-Royce develops personal electric aircraft, which can appear by the beginning of 2020

Vehicles with vertical take-off and landing

The famous Rolls-Royce currently has created the technology of vertical take-off and landing, which is necessary for the production of modern flying car. The manufacturer claims that the electrification of engines is an inevitable trend in the market of industrial technologies. According to representatives of the Aerospace and Rolls Royce, flying cars can become even more environmentally friendly mode of transport than electric cars.

The flying car is able to carry up to five passengers at a speed of 250 miles per hour

Flying vehicles with vertical take-off and landing will be much more environmentally friendly than its ground-based predecessors, and will also be much more efficient to save time by not having drive on the roads, avoiding traffic lights, pedestrians and constantly produced on them tubes. Modern cars successfully prove its efficiency on long journeys, but to travel to the nearest shop so the car will be unprofitable, because takeoff and landing consume significant amount of energy.

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The company Terrafugia, which specializiruetsya on the creation of flying cars, has unveiled a prototype flying hybrid electric vehicle, which is capable of speeds of about 100 kilometers per hour. The machine is capable of transforming from plane to car in less than a minute. Upgraded models have a modern design seats, hybrid electric motor, improved seat belts and airbags, and rear view camera. In order to improve the safety of cars equipped with parachutes. But it is worth noting that to manage such an unusual at the moment of the vehicle, the driver will need a pilot’s license.

For takeoff and landing flying car is enough of a platform with a diameter of 30 meters, but it does not necessarily have its own airfield

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At the present time was presented to the model containing only two passengers, but very soon will be the model for four people — the TF-X. This model will be controlled by the computer and will not need the runway for takeoff and landing. TF-X can reach a speed of 200 miles per hour and to cover distances up to 500 miles. Folding wings will have the motor attached to each end, allowing him to easily switch from a vertical to a horizontal position. The model TF-X will be able to avoid adverse weather conditions and restricted airspace through its computer system. To make full use of their electric vehicles, the owners of flying electric cars will be able to visit the electric vehicle charging station or to charge the battery in the engine alone.

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