Flip Grip new accessory lets you use your Nintendo Switch in vertical position

24-06-2018 01-42-13

Device Nintendo Switch designed basically to use it in a horizontal position. However, there are some games such as classic games that are fun when it is played vertically, but this also means that the current way of tying the hands of the control Joy-Con with the device will not allow using your Nintendo Switch in vertical position. However, the supplement Flip Grip aims to solve that problem.

The launch of the Flip Grip as a supplement to the financing platform projects emerging KickStarter, which is a supplement designed for your Nintendo Switch allows you to mainly use the latter in vertical position. We’re not sure of the number of games that will actually in such a situation to ensure the need for this supplement, but there are at least options in front of you if you want.

According to the company that oversaw the development of this supplement, they said that it was the design of the Flip Grip to put the same bars found in your Nintendo Switch, which means that the skid hands control Joy-Con during the input and output will not be a problem for the players who used it already. It has been designed this right also so that when the hands move in place, you’ll encounter the house Windows appear, which means that this supplement will live out the memory card or the card game.

This is not a supplement quite expensive have been priced at about 12 USD, and if you want to get it, he moved up to the product page on the Kickstarter platform to get the details.

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