Flight Pilot — become a pilot

Dozens of hours spent in the simulators for the PC, made even harder to love them. Takeoffs, landings, and flights to beautiful places, recreated in 3D space. Simulations allow you to experience the beauty of such a dangerous profession of pilot in civil aviation.

However, it is not always convenient to use a personal computer for playing flight simulator. For such cases developers of mobile games released every year a lot of simulation.

Flight Pilot compared to other paid games offers a strong realism, but the game will arcade be a good option for those who want for a moment to feel like a pilot of the aircraft.

The Flight Pilot is a strong bias does not lead to the loss of traction, there followed only the basic laws of physics and there are no nuances faced by pilots in real life, so to call the game a simulator not dare.

In addition, the game has no way to switch the buttons in the cockpit, and the first person simply no. Graphics in normal Flight Pilot.

The game has some semblance of a story mode, the player must pass the mission. At each level there is a final mission where you want to buy a special plane. The missions prior to main will allow you to save enough money for the purchase.

Flight Pilot it is difficult to name the best, but, unfortunately, among the free solutions to the more interesting variant we have found.

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App: Free 3D simulator
Developer: Fun Games For Free
Category: Simulators
Version: 1.3.6
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 74 human

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