Flexible Samsung Galaxy Flex is terribly expensive!

Samsung recently revealed the world’s first flexible smartphone-Galaxy F. At least, so say many, and this is a misconception. Samsung has introduced a smartphone and the display technology Galaxy Flex. The Galaxy F (Flex) will look different. However, in addition to appearance, we will also discuss the cost of the smartphone and the date of commencement of sales.

Sources which refer colleagues from gsmarena reported that the Galaxy Flex cost will be $ 1925. In the maximum configuration, the device will be sold at a price of $ 2565. Such a strong difference in cost is probably due to the strong difference in the amount of RAM and internal memory.

The Network also has information about the date of commencement of sales of the device. So, sales of Galaxy Flex start in March this year. Exact terms were not disclosed.

This may be the final design of the Galaxy Flex:

The truth is, frames have an additional screen is huge. While the device looks more like a concept. To call this decision a full-fledged mass product, its appearance and value is quite difficult.

For Samsung such a move is likely an attempt to stay ahead of the competition, because their desires for the production of flexible smartphones expressed LG and Huawei. LG to release a similar product, as the company produces its own OLED displays. Huawei, meanwhile, can order a batch of these displays at the BOE or at the same LG.

However, $ 2,000 for Galaxy Flex does not seem something amazing at the background of the lack of competition in the market. This is the case when really should wait for solutions from competitors that the cost of such revolutionary devices somehow stabilized.

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