Flaw in WhatsApp enables the inventors to switch messages after you send them!

Although the application WhatsApp is an application of the conversation the famous live more than million users around the world it is also one of the applications that are classified within the most secure as it does not use servers to store messages and other data but are stored on the phones of the sender and the recipient after being encrypted in the way between them only that this app is not free of loopholes which can be misused and the gap is recent confirm this completely.

Was detected a loophole in the application WhatsApp is used in group conversations to exchange messages after being sent, as they can be the inventors of changing the text of the letter in full after being sent for any illegal purposes, whether to fraud or the dissemination of false news or other. And certainly don’t say the inventors changed one letter it is changed a lot of messages at once to a particular goal where when you change the message there is no sign that it stores message in any form, unfortunately.

And it certainly won’t occur to someone that a hacker may have done all of this and apply it to this month a loophole in a disaster such as this could lead to the results of the unfortunate, the confidence of the people in the app and is certainly the biggest reason the seriousness of this gap.

The researchers discovered this loophole after analyzing the signals that come to the message before it is decrypted to allow the user to read it where they study what can be adjusted when you do unzip the encryption to find out that it is possible to amend the text of the message itself. We didn’t stop at that but also it has been possible to change the sender of the message.

On the side of the last added application WhatsApp is one of the more anticipated feature voice conversations and video conversations in communities which came to develop the Facebook Messenger was expected to come to WhatsApp. Enjoy WhatsApp more than a million users worldwide and 60 million daily messages sent via the free app the owner of the fame of the tyrant. And the app on the new advantages continuously since the beginning of this year where it is expected to see the use of it to make a profit soon.

The subject flaw in WhatsApp enables the inventors to switch messages after you send them! Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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