Flaw discovered in encryption protocols, mail Apple Apple Mail lets steal messages



Even if you use email services rely on encryption, this does not makes you in complete safety, where he discovered a group of researchers, academics Europeans loophole in the two months of the encryption protocols used by many companies including Apple in services by email Apple Mail

Allow gaps for attackers rights code malware in e-mail messages despite the use of the provider’s encryption Protocol prevents such action. And through this attack to steal the content of the full email to the victim.

In detail, the protocols, PGP and S/MIME are affected by the gaps among the services that are considered by mail Apple and the email application on iOS as well as the application of Thunderbird and Enigmail.

Can mission attack via this vulnerability to intercept certain email messages and modify its content and add the code to HTML malicious before it arrives to the recipient, and when he opens the future to the letter mailing begins immediately implemented.

According to Sebastian Schinzel Professor of computer security at the University of Münster participating in the research that led to discover the gap, there are currently no security updates to plug its


The discovery of a loophole in the encryption protocols, mail Apple Apple Mail lets steal messages appeared first on the tech world.

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